Thursday, 15 September 2011

Working with Triangles

I am so sorry I've disappeared for months and months but I've been too busy with my actual interior design work for uni and my other blog so my apologies!

The latest project that I'm working on at the moment is a hotel that's more than 10 storys high but about 8 metres narrow, so I started looking for precedent studies and came across the shibuya-ku house by the architect yuko nagayama and was inspired but the triangular shape of this atrium and the shapes it created in the interior spaces as a result

The atrium was designed to let as much natural light in as possible due to it being overshadowed by tall buildings around it; which is also the case with the site we were given.



love that triangular corner it creates; makes it an interesting hallway to walk through.

But working with triangles is very difficult as you can imagine, it creates a lot of dead space and it is very hard to create comfortable, practical and habitable areas around it.