Saturday, 31 March 2012

Eames: The architect and the painter

When I board on a long flight, the first thing I check on tv is if they have any architectural or any design discipline related documentaries. And surprisingly, there is always at least 1 to feed my brain some creativity and valuable information.
However, this is not a film I discovered 30,000 feet above ground, but 10 minutes into watching it, I had to pause it and share it with my brother who studies furniture design.

“We don’t do art, we solve problems.”

Eames: The architect and the painter covers the life of Charles and Ray Eames, the nature of their relationship and celebrates their exquisite work using multiple mediums to realise their visions.
They interview some of the designers who worked with them who share stories and anecdotes about their experience at 901 Eames studio in Venice Beach, California. They give us an insight into the Eames’ work ethics, their eccentric attitude towards a work environment and design.

I find it absolutely amazing that Ray Eames died exactly 10 years after Charles, on his death’s anniversary.

This was a great film written by Jason Cohn, directed by Jason Cohn and Bill Jersey and narrated by James Franco.

It is a definite must see, and I strongly recommend it. Here’s a trailer for a short preview:

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