Sunday, 17 March 2013

What is Interior Design?

To me, interior design is the spacial planning of an environment and the experience it creates for its’ inhabitants/users. Which means, interior design has always been around; a cave can be an interior space so the act of inhabiting it and changing it can be considered interior design. Interior design is also about problem solving; practicality and functionality are key aspects to make a space inhabitable and enjoyable. 

I also believe, maybe because I grew up in Dubai during its boom, that the ‘wow-factor’ could be a very pleasant and enjoyable experience in commercial and public spaces especially.

Studying about the history of design is also very important because in order to be great at anything and improve, we need to go back in time and study how and why design changed. Why was it affected and how did the change of people’s behaviours and circumstances result in a change of design. 

Materials are a big component of design, and through time the designer pioneers have come up with new innovative solutions using new materials and the ways to use them. One of those examples would have to be the Eames chair by Charles Eames, who set out to re-invent the very idea of a chair. He thought they could mould the new miracle material at the time, plywood, into two directions at once to make a comfortable, form-fitting shell. After many failed attempts and years or development, the Eames chair was successfully built the way it was intended, and to this day it is one of the most famous chair designs that has contributed to today’s technology.

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